What’s happening in Walmart’s photo center?

Walmart, which is facing a series of criminal charges stemming from the investigation of child porn, is putting a new focus on making its photo-editing capabilities more effective, according to people familiar with the matter.

Walmart is looking to hire a photo editor and digital photo editor, the people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the personnel are not authorized to publicly discuss internal personnel matters.

WalMart said it is looking for a digital photo or video editor to assist with the team’s work to increase its digital capabilities, which include creating photos for the company’s photo-based products, among other things.

A Walmart spokeswoman declined to comment.

Walton B. Stephens, Walmart’s chief technology officer, has led the company in its digital photo efforts for several years, the Wall Street Journal reported in January.

Stephens was named Walmart’s first digital photo and video editor in August, but has been at the company for just over a year, the newspaper reported.

Walmarts photo and photo quality program is one of the few companies that have hired photo editors in recent years, according in part to Bloomberg News.

Walter Hickey, a photo consultant, said he has worked for Walmart for about four years, adding that his background includes years at Google, Amazon and eBay.

He said he is excited about the news, but also worries about the potential for Walmart to use the new hires to further its criminal case.

Walman is facing accusations that it sold child porn and other illegal items to a major online marketplace.

Some of those items were used in the sale of child pornography, which prosecutors are looking to use to prosecute the retailer.

In addition to the charges, Walmarts assistant digital editor was arrested and charged with possession of child pornographic materials in June, according the Associated Press.

The company has said it has no plans to fire the employee.

Walmer’s online photo product, Photo Stick, is currently used by the company, according WalMart’s blog.

The company has more than 50 million customers around the world.

Walters photo and image management team currently consists of 12 people, including an assistant digital photo manager, five photographers and one data scientist, according ToonNews.com.

When a Walmart store employee dies: An atheist takes over the Bible verse reading

A Texas-based Christian group is planning to use the biblical verse reading from the book of Matthew to rally people around their cause, according to the website of the Texas Christian Alliance.

The bible verse reading will take place at the “Faith and Family Life” program, which includes Christian youth programs, as part of the group’s annual “Life and Faith” conference, according the website.

The group’s event is slated for Sunday at Walmart’s Family & Community Mart in Katy.

Pastor Matt Fink, who will be delivering the book, is a former employee of the store and was also its president, the website says.

Fink is a devout Christian and said the event is a way to bring attention to what he calls a “moral crisis” in the country, according his website.

Pastors and pastors have used the verse reading in past years to protest government policies, including President Donald Trump’s executive order that restricts immigrants from Muslim-majority countries from entering the U.S.

Pastoral leaders say they are trying to bring together people of different backgrounds and religious views, but Fink said the theme of the event, which he is calling “A Prayer for Faith,” is not one of that.

Pastoring for the past six years, Fink has been part of a group called The Pastor and his Family.

The group has a “church-to-church” service, which Fink describes as a “counseling” session for pastors and pastors who want to share their beliefs.

Finks church services have included prayers for the death of Planned Parenthood director Cecile Richards, who was shot and killed by a Dallas police officer in 2015.

Fink’s group has also hosted a prayer service for the Dallas police and is working with police departments to provide resources for their officers.FINK told the Houston Chronicle he plans to read the book during his weekly Sunday sermon.

He told the paper that the bible verse has become a “cultural touchstone” that has “become an iconic part of our culture.”