Walmart: The new black, new white, new smart store

Walmart is rolling out a new retail strategy to combat the perception that it has lost its identity as a store of choice for black and brown people.

In a new video, the retail giant outlined its “New Black” and “New White” initiatives, which it hopes will give it the edge in the fight against the perception it’s too white.

The videos highlight the “Black-Run” movement, which aims to bring more black and minority-owned businesses to stores in the U.S.

A recent Walmart employee survey found that a majority of its black customers would like to see the retailer change its logo.

“We know that many people think that we’re too white,” Walmart said in the video.

“But we know that people are hungry for a better store experience for everyone.

The best way to change that perception is by being bold and changing our store’s colors.”

The company said it is “working on a lot of different ways to connect with the people of color in our stores and in the community,” but said it does not plan to change its name until the end of 2017.

“There are so many opportunities out there to grow and be more inclusive,” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement.

“We will continue to create a vibrant and diverse company that has a diverse and inclusive future.”