Man charged with stealing naked photos of young children

A man has been charged with theft of naked photos from a young girl’s bedroom and a second boy has been arrested after police said they had found photos of their naked children in his car.

The 35-year-old man was arrested in the Sydney suburb of Brookfield, about 25 kilometres (16 miles) north of Melbourne, on Monday after police found pictures of naked children inside his car and said they were likely taken by his children, the ABC reports.

The photos were taken at the same time the two boys were being sexually abused by a man in their home, the Victorian police statement said.

“This is a serious matter and the investigation is ongoing,” a statement from Brookfield police said.

It added the two children were taken from a different bedroom and were being treated for malnutrition, a condition the ABC reported could be caused by exposure to child sexual abuse.

“The police investigation is continuing,” the statement said, without further details.

“Officers believe this is a highly organised crime.

There are multiple suspects.”

Police said the man was charged with two counts of stealing a child’s property, one count of accessing a child without consent and one count each of indecent exposure, voyeurism and possession of child pornography.

He is due to appear in Melbourne Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Police said they are still investigating the nature of the offences.

“We have a lot of leads and we will continue to investigate and we expect to hear from more people,” the police statement read.

“Police continue to encourage people to contact us if they have any information.”

It is important for parents to know that their children are safe.

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