How to make the perfect photo frame for your office

Photo frame maker Andrew Smith says the best photo frames can make the job easier and more fun.

| Photo: Getty photo editorAndrew Smith says he started by figuring out how to make a frame for his office, but quickly realized that the best frame is the one that fits the room.

Smith said his work with photo frames has been rewarding, but he’s happy with how the pieces turned out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy with any piece of photography,” Smith said.

Smith says the frames have been great for taking photos, as well as keeping the space tidy.

“If I didn’t have this workspace I wouldn’t have had this amazing life,” he said.

Smith also said he doesn’t regret going into business with the company.

“For me it was just a fun experience, but I feel like this is the right place to continue it and do more,” Smith added.

“You can see that they’re trying to make this space more beautiful.”

How does this look? – photo by Alamy video title ‘Terrifying’ images show man caught in a tornado as it strikes the UK

A photo that has captured the attention of the internet has been widely shared.

In the footage, which was posted to the social media platform Facebook, a man is seen standing outside his house with a camera and a camera phone, filming a tornado in the UK.

The man then runs outside and appears to catch a glimpse of a huge plume of smoke rising above his house.

He then goes back inside, grabs a camera again and runs back outside, this time to record the aftermath of the tornado.

The photo, taken by a man in his 20s, has been shared nearly 1.8 million times since it was posted on Tuesday.

The picture has been viewed more than 1.2 million times on Facebook, while more than 200,000 comments have been left in response to the photograph.

The footage, taken at a point just outside the village of Wainham in the English Midlands, shows the man and his friend watching the storm from a car window.

The friend asks the man, who says he has been watching the storms for a while, if he wants to go outside to film the storm.

He responds: “Well, it’s raining.

It’s not raining outside.

I mean, I’ve got a camera, but you’re not going to want to go out and film a tornado if you’re outside.”

The man says he then starts filming from his window, and starts filming the storm as it starts to move across the country.

“I’m not trying to get the weather wrong.

I’m trying to make a point,” he says, before stopping.

“I’m just trying to help.”

He then starts to film another tornado.

He said he didn’t expect to catch the sight of the twister that is moving across the UK, but has now been watching it with the help of a camera.

“It was scary because it looked like it was coming towards us,” he said.

“You could see the tornado was going towards us, and then it stopped.

It just kind of turned off.”

In the following footage, the man can be seen running out to capture the aftermath.

He runs out into the rain to catch up with the tornado as the smoke rises above his home.

“The camera is still rolling, and it’s just like, ‘Oh, my God, it just got away’,” he said, adding he thought it might have been a tornado, but didn’t realise it was a camera when he saw the image.

“As it moved away from me, it was very scary.

It was just like seeing it all on the news.

It really scared me.”

The weather in the area has been getting better and better for days, with heavy rain and gusty winds all day, but it has also seen strong winds and heavy rain.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “Heavy rainfall continues to batter parts of England, Wales and Scotland today, with some parts of the Midlands and North East of England seeing over 12 inches (25cm) of rain.”

Most of the areas hit are not expected to see any significant rainfall during the rest of the week.

“It was also reported that a man suffered a minor injury during the storm and that his injuries were not life threatening.