PhotoMath: ‘New Year, New Year’ Source Bloomberg title ‘New Years Eve, New Years Day’ Photo Math: ‘All photos are available in their original formats, unless otherwise noted.’

Photo Math, a photo app developed by Flickr, has just launched a new feature that allows users to see how each photo is stacked, even if the original file isn’t.

The new feature will let users take a photo and see what the original image looks like if they were to scale the image up to 100 percent.

This could prove useful if someone wants to check out an image that has been digitally cropped and cropped down, or if they want to check how each image looks in different lighting conditions.

PhotoMath is also a photo-sharing app that lets users take photos of their favorite subjects and share them with others on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.

The app is currently available for Android and iOS, and is available on the Google Play store.

Image Math was developed by Yahoo for Flickr in 2016, but Yahoo has since shut it down.

Yahoo said that it will re-launch the app with new features in 2017.