Which is the funniest birthday photo you ever shot?

The Washington Nationals have a long tradition of birthday shots, which date back to at least 1825.

On Sunday, the team celebrated the 50th anniversary of the birth of a member of its own family.

Here are some of the funnier ones.1.

“I’m on my way to the clubhouse, and I think I’m in the wrong place.”

— A woman named Maria is visiting the Nationals clubhouse.

She says she’s not sure where she is, but she’s headed toward the clubhouse to find out.

The Nationals quickly realized that she had entered the wrong clubhouse.

The woman’s father is a longtime employee at the team.


“You know I’m on a date.

It’s Friday.”

— The Nationals’ players are discussing whether to go out for dinner with a friend.

One player, who was in the front row of the clubhouse and who didn’t want to be identified, said the party was to celebrate the birthdays of her sister and brother-in-law, but he didn’t think they’d go out because he doesn’t think her sister’s birthday is Friday.


“Hey, man, what’s that in the picture?

It’s my birthday.

I’ve got a girl.”

— After his birthday, a man walks past the Nationals’ clubhouse, looking for a photo opportunity.

The manager asks him if he wants to snap a photo with the team’s mascot, which is a lion.


“What’s that on the ceiling?”

— The manager asked a photographer for a shot of his locker.

The photographer said he was at a locker room meeting, and the manager said, “I gotta go.”

He told the photographer to stay.

The man later posted the photo on Instagram, which went viral.


“Do you think I was a good player?”

— A teammate said he wished he could go back to the past.

He said he’d rather be in the future.


“Who do you think you are?”

— After the Nationals beat the Mets in the playoffs, a young boy said he thought he’d never play again.

He told his mother, who said the answer was he’s a man.


“Look at the cat.

That’s a picture of me.

Look at the dog.

That is me.”

— Before the Nationals win Game 6 of the NLDS, a woman who was a fan was told she had to remove her cat from the stadium.


“My birthday?

My birthday is right here.”

— Another woman, who wasn’t in the clubhouse with the player she was talking to, said her birthday was supposed to be April 15, but the player was already celebrating his.


“Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding?

It was April 15!”

— A man says he wanted to take a picture with his daughter’s father.


“This is not a photo.

This is not my birthday!”

— After a player’s birthday, he walks past a man who’s a manager and says, “What the hell are you doing here?

You know you’re not here.

It doesn’t matter.”


“No one was paying attention.

I don’t know why.”

— Two players, one from the Nationals and one from a different team, were discussing the team and whether to leave their seats for the team bus.

When the woman from the other team said, in her words, “You’re not paying attention,” the man responded, “Are we?”

The woman responded, in a similar tone, “No, we’re not.”


“That’s me.

I’m at home.”

— Fans were surprised to find a photo of a woman, wearing a purple suit and a pink shirt, on their balcony.


“We’re not really in the mood to be photographed.”

— During the Nationals-Nationals-Astros game on Thursday, the manager was talking about the team playing in the National League Championship Series.

Afterward, he walked up to a couple of the team members and said, “… this is my job.

I know what’s up.

You can do whatever you want.

I do this for a living.

I love the game.”


“It’s the best birthday party I’ve ever been to.”

— Some fans, including one man, were celebrating their daughter’s birthday at the ballpark.

One fan posted a photo on social media of himself with a bunch of his friends and family at the game.

The photo went viral and had a couple thousand likes.


“Hip-hop music is my favorite.

If I ever got to be a rapper, it would be called ‘Naughty Boy’ by Lil Yachty.”

— Lil Yac was born in Los Angeles and grew up in New Jersey.

He began playing hip-hop as a child and started singing in the group Gangsta Boo during the early 2000s.


“When I was about 12, I saw a