How to make your own portable photo printers with this guide

If you’re a fan of the portable photo printing trend, you’ll love this guide to building your own.

While you’ll need to get the right parts, it’s well worth the effort.

Step 1.

Grab your partsStep 2.

Cut your photo framesStep 3.

Attach the photo frames to the print bedStep 4.

Create your print bedOnce you’ve built the prototype, you can test the print using a 3D printer and see if it’s working.

The best part is that you don’t need to purchase a custom print bed.

You can buy a 3d-printed bed from Shapeways or eBay for under $50, and it’ll print your images exactly as they were designed.

You’ll need a large, flat surface to print on, which is easy to find in most home decor stores.

To make it easier, we’ve put together a tutorial showing you how to make a print bed that will work with most 3D printers.