‘This is not about me’: Texas cop says he doesn’t feel safe in Trump-inspired photo essay

In a Facebook post, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo says he was inspired by a Trump-like “This is Not About Me” video from last year.

Aceveda says the video was shared by a member of the department and that he wanted to use it to teach people that “they should not feel threatened by a police officer.”

“When I heard that video, I just couldn’t help but think that we need to start thinking more broadly and talking about this kind of violence,” Acevedy said.

“We need to be thinking about how we’re going to address the violence that we see in our city, how we can make sure that people feel safe and safe that they’re not being victimized.”

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“The video and the comments and the memes that have followed have brought a lot of people together,” Aceveo said.

Aceveio also said he was trying to show people that the majority of people “love us.”

“This is just one of many things that I have done,” Aceveso said in the post.

“As I said to people on Facebook, I’m not here to hurt you.

I’m here to protect you.”

In response to the post, several people have shared photos of themselves holding up Trump’s “This Is Not About You” campaign signs and said they were inspired by Acevedi.

One Facebook user wrote, “I love my police officer and I’m so proud to have the courage to stand up to this man.”

Another wrote, “[Acevedo] is a brave officer.

We must support him with every ounce of strength we can, and I want to say thank you to him for that.

I hope that this will inspire others to stand with him and stand up for his ideals.”

The Tribune will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.