How to make the perfect photo frame for your office

Photo frame maker Andrew Smith says the best photo frames can make the job easier and more fun.

| Photo: Getty photo editorAndrew Smith says he started by figuring out how to make a frame for his office, but quickly realized that the best frame is the one that fits the room.

Smith said his work with photo frames has been rewarding, but he’s happy with how the pieces turned out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy with any piece of photography,” Smith said.

Smith says the frames have been great for taking photos, as well as keeping the space tidy.

“If I didn’t have this workspace I wouldn’t have had this amazing life,” he said.

Smith also said he doesn’t regret going into business with the company.

“For me it was just a fun experience, but I feel like this is the right place to continue it and do more,” Smith added.

“You can see that they’re trying to make this space more beautiful.”