A photo of a Canadian passport size photo

The photo was uploaded to the Instagram account of a British woman who is in her 50s, but the post was deleted before it could be viewed.

The photo has been shared over 100,000 times since being posted on Tuesday.

It has since been taken down from the account of another British woman.

The account of the Canadian woman was later reinstated and the photo is now being shared by another British person.

The photograph was posted on Instagram by an unknown user, with the caption “Canada Passport size” on Tuesday afternoon.

“Canada passport size,” it read, adding that the photo was taken from a passport sized photo of Canada, and it had been snapped by a member of the public.

“I can’t believe I’m not the first person to take it,” the caption reads.

“Thank you @_natalie_clarke for the inspiration, it really makes my day.

Can’t wait to get it home and post it with you in Canada.”

The photo of the woman’s passport has since gone viral, with many users posting the image in support of the British woman, many of whom have used it to defend themselves against anti-immigration sentiment.

“The only problem with that picture is it’s not a real passport,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“It’s a photoshop of the picture and that’s why it has been taken.

The only thing the picture isnt is the passport, that’s the passport.”

Another user wrote, “It looks like you’re trying to take away my freedom of speech.

We have a right to be angry about what you do with your life.


It’s the border and the border is you.”

The British woman was born in the United Kingdom, but she said she left in 2005 after living in Canada for more than 20 years.

“When I came back to Canada, I got married and my family moved here,” she said in a video uploaded to YouTube.

“My family had lived here since the 1930s and I felt like my life here was different.”