How a $1 billion deal for Facebook could save the US economy

Recode by Josh DawseyRead moreCompanies, like many of the world’s most profitable, are spending billions of dollars every year to buy up tech companies and other companies in their sectors.

The reason for this investment is that it will enable them to increase their profit margins by cutting costs and increasing their revenues.

In return, those companies can create more jobs, create more revenue, and increase their stock price.

The problem is that a large chunk of this investment has been done to buy the best talent in the world and, in the process, they’ve created a number of highly paid executives.

For example, a tech executive who previously worked at Facebook has been replaced by a company executive who formerly worked at Google.

The company also spends billions of additional dollars each year to develop the people who will be its next generation of executives.

The result?

The company loses its competitive edge, which has resulted in a decline in the value of its stock.

This is why it’s critical for tech companies to focus on increasing their own talent.

But that’s not the only problem.

There are two main problems with this strategy.

First, the majority of this company’s talent is not well-paid.

This isn’t because the talent is poor or poorly-trained.

In fact, the vast majority of these talent is highly skilled.

It’s because many of these people are forced to work for a company whose entire mission is to increase its own profit margins.

The second problem is the fact that many of its executives are highly motivated and motivated to succeed at Facebook.

When this happens, the company loses more than it gains.

It becomes a highly inefficient company, which ultimately leads to less innovation and more of the same problems that plague other large tech companies.

The bottom line is that technology companies should spend a lot of time and money on increasing the number of people they employ and the quality of their talent.

They shouldn’t spend more money on hiring only those who are good at what they do.

If they want to stay competitive in a rapidly changing global economy, they need to invest in the talent and innovation that will allow them to remain competitive.