How to take a selfie without breaking the bank

The NHL announced Tuesday that it has expanded its photo light box to include more affordable models with more customizable options.

The league is offering a new $39.99 version of its new Photo Light Box with 16.8 million light and flash options, with the ability to create your own photo-based graphics.

The new Photo Boxes are available on the NHL Shop and NHL Shop Plus platforms.

The first model, the $39, is available now, with a $40 option and more than a dozen additional features.

The new $40 Photo Light box includes the same 8.8 megapixel camera as the $40 model, a 3-inch touchscreen display, 3-megapixel wide-angle lens, 16.1 million light options, and a 3.8-inch, 3,000-watt speaker.

The $40 Picture Light Box is available in August, with an $89.99 option and additional options.