How to get a woman to do what you want

You might think a woman would have no interest in your advances or that you would just be an object of desire, but a study published this week suggests that’s not always the case.

A group of university researchers examined how different types of women behave when they’re told they want sex.

The study found that women who told men they wanted sex were less likely to do so, compared with those who were told to wait.

When it came to wanting sex, women who were given the option to wait had lower levels of desire.

“Women who are asked to wait have a lower propensity to initiate sexual activity with men, whereas women who are given the choice to initiate sex are more likely to engage in pre-marital sex,” study researcher Stephanie Dittmar told ABC News.

“So women who do initiate sex, are more often the ones who end up in a relationship.”

The researchers also found that those who had to wait for sex tended to be more interested in being intimate with the man they were with, and less likely than those who waited to have sex.

But what about a woman who’s been told she wants to have a romantic relationship with a man but wants to be treated like a property?

The study, which included about 2,000 participants, found that when asked to give consent to sex, more than three-quarters of women said they had been coerced.

The women who weren’t told that they were interested in sex didn’t necessarily feel that way, but it’s still possible to be coerced, said study co-author Sara A. Pankratz, a research associate at the University of Chicago’s Kellogg School of Management.

“It’s a little bit different than when you say, ‘This is what I want,’ ” Pankratski told

“You can get it out of you and say, `I have a choice.

I can do whatever I want, but I’m going to make sure I’m treated like this.'”

Pankratski said it was possible that women can use their experiences in dating and marriage as a way to help themselves.

“I think it’s important for women to have the ability to talk about their own experiences in marriage, because they may be able to use that as an opportunity to be able more positively and respectfully about how they’re treated in relationships,” she said.

Palkopoulou said that her own experiences of being told I want to have sexual contact with you is similar to some of the women in her study.

She said that when she was in a committed relationship, she had sex with men she was attracted to.

But as she got older, she found that the men who wanted sex with her didn’t want her, Palkoppoulou told in a phone interview.

“And then the next guy, I was like, `Oh my God, you don’t want me?’

And he was like `No, I’m not interested in that.’

So then I was in love with him and it didn’t happen,” she recalled.

“The more I had sex, the more I wanted him.

And then he stopped saying yes, and then I found out that he didn’t even know I wanted to have any sexual contact.”