‘Foolish’ ‘Bachelor Party’ at Disneyland: What if you could meet the stars for free?

In the Disneyland Hotel parking lot, a party is on, as Disney officials have set aside an area for the event.

It’s the first time Disney has held a bachelor party at the park, which opened in 1971.

Guests are invited to meet up with some of the company’s famous stars, including Will Smith, Kate Hudson and Mark Wahlberg, as well as host the event in a private dining room.

There are also celebrity chefs like chef and former President Bill Clinton, celebrity chef Paul Bocuse, and celebrity chef Jeff Keller.

Disney’s new party area was designed with the help of a design firm called Bamboo Design.

Guests will need to pay a $5 entry fee for entry to the park.

The party is open from 5 p.m. to 11 p.p.m., according to Disney.com.