What you need to know about the photos that will make you cry

By Kim BerardinettiOctober 26, 2018 | 1:25 p.m.

I know I know.

My parents are a bit sad.

I’m not sure if I can even describe what it’s like to be a little girl, let alone cry over a photo.

I’ve been crying my eyes out for hours, and now I have to wait until my dad and I are in bed together to cry.

I know the tears will never stop.

But for now, I have this photo to keep me company.

My dad and mom, as you might imagine, are sad.

They’re both older than me, and I know my mom has always been there for me.

I don’t think they realize how hard it is to cope with their loss.

The picture I took with them at their funeral is heartbreaking.

They didn’t cry.

They were sad, but also so proud of us.

It’s hard for me to watch, but that photo has stayed with me.

It reminds me that, as much as we’ve struggled in our personal relationships, we are united in our grief.

It’s the photo of my family together that is the hardest to take, but I love it.

When my dad died of cancer in 2016, I was devastated by the loss.

I knew he would not be able to walk.

He died in a nursing home, where I was his only caretaker.

I had never seen him cry.

And then I got a text from my dad saying, “Dad, I love you more than you could ever imagine.”

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever said.

But the next morning, he was back at work, smiling and hugging his wife.

I cried a little, too.

But that day, I saw his smiling face and knew he loved me.

My tears didn’t stop.

They stopped when I was with my parents at the funeral, when I watched him walk down the aisle.

I am so lucky to have a dad like my dad.

This story was originally published on October 26, 2016.