What the hell happened to the old Times photo op?

New York magazine is reporting that the paper’s new “photo op” was a big success.

“The Times was really hit by the election, and we needed to be able to have a moment where people could come to see the paper,” says a source.

“We really had to have an opportunity to really do something for people.”

As part of the photo op, the paper published an article that featured a woman who looked like her, wearing a red dress and carrying a huge stack of newspapers.

She was a model for the upcoming Fashion Week, but it wasn’t long before the Times decided to make her the face of the new “post-election” edition.

The photo op was so popular that the New York Post was able to secure a print run for a special edition of the paper with a similar look.

The Times also added a new “newscast” section, and the paper has announced plans to host a “postelection” event on May 18.

And while the Times has not announced any plans to reprint the photo-op article, the new cover design is set to appear in the paper soon.

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The New York Times Photo Op Now Available to Watch Now: