Why are we buying new, larger phones now?

Posted by CNN on Tuesday, August 28, 2018 09:15:49Many people have been asking me if they should buy a bigger phone in the last few years, especially in the US.

I always recommend smaller phones, even if they’re more expensive.

For me, I think the phone that will be the best fit for me is the one with the largest screen.

I’ve owned many phones in the past, and I’ve been surprised at how big and powerful they were, but there was one thing that really made me wonder.

My phone was always bigger than the screen on the back of my hand.

I could not see it at all, but it was always there.

Nowadays, I am often talking to my friends and family who are in a similar position, wondering why they are still using a phone that is smaller than their hand.

They are used to using the phone in front of them and, in fact, often want to buy a phone of a similar size.

But I think there is something to be said for owning a phone larger than the device itself.

I think having a phone bigger than your hand can help you focus on the task at hand and also give you more peace of mind.

I am not sure how many people know this.