When Beckham says ‘I’ll never be a woman again,’ we can’t help but wonder if she’s referring to her ‘body’

BILLY BECKI FACES the first time her body was on the line for an NFL game.

But she doesn’t remember the last time she went into pain or pain that was worse than what she endured in the locker room.

“I’m not sure I ever experienced anything like it,” the Giants’ All-Pro wide receiver told NBC Sports Network.

“I mean, I had a little bit of swelling.

And I was just kind of trying to keep it down.

I was in pain, and I was tired, and there was no control.

And then it got worse.

And when I was on my feet, I was still sore, and it got a little worse.

So it’s just, it’s been a very, very long road for me.”BECKI has been one of the best players in the NFL for a decade, and her recent struggles with back pain have drawn criticism from some quarters.

She says she’s not looking for sympathy.

“That’s not me.

That’s not my attitude,” she said.

“That’s the way I am.

That just happens.

I have no issues with people that I have hurt or hurt other people, and that’s the truth.

And it’s my way of living my life.

I’m not going to take it back.”

It’s also not clear whether the comments will hurt Beckham’s NFL standing, as she’s earned a reputation as one of his biggest supporters in recent years.

“As a player, you always feel like you’re the star,” Beckham said.

“‘I’m going to be the star.’

I have always been that way.

So that’s why people are going to come out with all kinds of negativity.”

Beckham has not publicly addressed the comments, but she did say it’s time for her teammates to stop focusing on her back pain and focus on the game.

“It’s time to stop being the star.

We can’t do that,” Beckham added.

“It’s the only thing that matters to us, it doesn’t matter what people say about us.

It’s just what matters to the game, and to our fans, and for our country.”

Becky also talked about her upcoming trip to Germany for a charity golf tournament.

She said she’d be back in the U.S. later this month for a “super fun week” of charity golf and “a little bit more bonding.”