Kobe Bryant tweets out photo booth after Kobe crash

Kobe Bryant tweeted out a photo booth before Saturday night’s game with the Lakers.

Bryant posted the photo to his Instagram account, and the photo is one of the highlights of his postgame comments.

He posted a photo of his son, LaVoy, who was in the stands during the crash, along with the caption, “It was pretty cool.”

Bryant is now one of several celebrities who are taking to social media to post their personal images of Kobe Bryant.

He said that he was in shock, as was his family, as well as everyone who had been impacted by the crash.

“I just felt like, ‘Wow, I’m actually still here,'” Bryant said.

“I was kind of just shocked.

I couldn’t believe it.

I was like, wow, what the heck happened?”

He added that the impact of the crash was so devastating that he lost his balance and crashed into a nearby car.

Bryants daughter, LaVerne, was among those injured in the accident.

She said that the family is going through a rough time right now, and that they’re not happy.

“It’s really hard to take care of our family right now,” she said.

Brysers daughter, De’Aaron Fox, tweeted out the following message Saturday night.